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The mission of SOAAR - "Supporting Orcutt Academy's Academic Resources" - is just that, supporting academic resources at Orcutt Academy's three campuses:
K-8 at Casmalia, High School, and Independent Study.

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Business Partner Directory 2015-2016

This directory is composed of community businesses and student family businesses that support the mission of SOAAR.

SOAAR was established in 2011 to support the academic programs at Orcutt Academy Charter School.  Net proceeds from this directory will support technology improvements at the Orcutt Academy campuses.

Would you like your business, employer, or organization to receive additional publicity and exposure with the school community of the Orcutt Academy?  Would you like to support a nonprofit foundation working to provide additional funding for academics at the Academy?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you will want to place an ad in the inaugural Orcutt Academy Business Directory, which will be circulated among the 700-plus students and 50-plus staff at the Orcutt Academy’s three locations:  our K-8 campus, our high school, and our independent study program.

“SOAAR” – short for “Supporting Orcutt Academy’s Academic Resources” – will be publishing this directory.  We are excited about it, as it will be a way for us to connect with local businesses and organizations.  Taking out an ad in the directory will help us support academic programs at the Academy.

To submit an ad, (see sizes and prices below) please fill out the form and attach to it your payment ($25, $50, or $75; checks made payable to “SOAAR”) and a business card or copy pertaining to your business.

NOVEMBER 23th, 2015

The Directory will be published in and distributed to all families and staff associated with the Orcutt Academy.   Please return all of this to the office at your Orcutt Academy school site or email it to  If we need to contact you directly to discuss your ad, we will do so. 

Questions - please email or call Juliann Hemphill at 363-8737.

Orcutt Academy Business Directory

YES, we would like to purchase an advertisement in the inaugural  Orcutt Academy Business Directory!

-One-third page ad is only $25.00 (Business Card size or 3 3/4" x 2 1/4")

-Two-thirds page ad is only $50.00 (4 1/2 " X 4 1/4")

-Full-page ad is only $75.00 (4 1/2" X 7 ")

Please attach a business card or any copy about your business that you would like included in the Directory.  Please attach payment ($25, $50, or $75; checks made payable to “SOAAR”) as well. 

Please print this;
Directory Form and Directory Layout
Return these materials along with your ad copy or business card to the school office at your Orcutt Academy site.

If the ad is purchased online, please call Juliann Hemphill at 805-363-8737 or email with ad copy or to make arrangements to get ad copy.

Ad Sizes

Proposed Directory Layout (printable PDF Directory Form and Directory Layout)

SOAAR Directory

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